bette bondo


When I was 19 years old, I made the decision to move to Italy, because I wanted to see the world. After a year of studying Italian, I enrolled with Istituto Marangoni where I successfully completed a degree in Fashion Design. Since then I have worked as a designer for Burberry in London, Derercuny, Samsung Fashion in Milan, Paris Hilton Handbags with the head office in Madrid, and Della Mela in Shanghai. In addition too this, I still have my own company of freelance fashion design, which was launched in Copenhagen. Other cities where I have spent periods of my life are Stockholm, Paris as well as Monte Carlo.

I work with fashion design and collection development as a way of expressing creativity; an interpretation of the world we live in. Especially when it’s later translated by the wearer into a personal fashion and then being reinvented creating an organic relationship. This makes fashion a dynamic type of art form worn on the body. I have worked with prêt-a-porter for men and women as well as working with accessories, street couture and knitwear with each separate collection always created for a specific consumer and context.

To me, trend forecasting is the ultimate challenge, and that’s why I love it. With the correct methodology of quantitative research and intuition, you can hypothesize about the future. Combine it with innovative and visionary thinking, and something very exciting can happen.

Also, I believe education and handing over new skills, knowledge and confidence to the new generation is the future. I have worked in education for five years and taught various fashion-related courses to students from 92 different countries. I’ve worked as a Program Leader, carried out a postgraduate course in Higher Education with distinction, and at the moment I am currently undertaking a course about on-line learning.

The Global Office


Every day, the traditional perception of ‘an office’ is being challenged, and I believe this will continue even more so in the future. An office of tomorrow will increasingly be something mobile, and it will stimulate creativity and vision and allow you to get the latest input and local trends. As life itself, it isn’t static. As with the nomadic people of Sahara, it will automatically make you look ahead.

A global office, as the adjective clearly explains, is an office of the world. It means, working from the seat of an airplane, from a coffee shop in Shanghai, your friend’s house in the countryside or even your native city. Expensive office rents, long commuting times and being chained to your desk, all belong to the past.

Your international network is your colleagues – always reachable and accessible – and digital platforms, the way of sharing information when not physically together. It’s a flexible way of working, where work and leisure time melt together into working with passion. Needless to say, the outcome is excellent.

"I have been very lucky to mix work with travelling and continue to do so whenever I see an opportunity. I believe my international experience and flexibility are one of my strong points when it comes to competing on the global marked and provide value for my clients regardless of working as a fashion designer, educator or influencer."